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So You Want To Volunteer?

PSNE offers an abundance of Volunteer Positions, as well the opportunity to be involved in creating new programs based on Members wants and needs

Most positions are very flexible in helping the Volunteer to be able to accomplish them with mininum help.

To try and succeed is a huge accomplishment in Mental Health & Addictions, especially if a disability is included.

If you have an interest in any of our Volunteer Positions please feel free to stroll into the office and ask a Staff or even the Memberís Support Person can lend a hand.

IF YOU have an Idea or Suggestion or Want to Try Something please make sure you talk to a Staff, they are very receptive to fresh ideas to try.



CURRENT LIST OF VOLUNTEER POSITIONS: Positions are done on a schedule every two weeks. Attend a membership to book yours in when your available

Clerical Helper

This Volunteer project is designed to encourage basic skills of working in an office. We are known to encourage those who want to learn more to have that ability.


Canteen Helper Ė Free Coffee & Tea

You can also daily volunteer and learn some customer service skills serving and operating our Small Canteen


Housekeeping Ė Daily

This is a Volunteer project designed to teach and encourage basic housekeeping skills. Itís the everyday items just like you do at home.


Staff Helper

Is our project designed to help the Staff on. Sometimes a staff is busy with a Consumer providing Peer Support and needs that extra help with helping someone or a cleanup or even to be part of helping in the clothing bank or food bank.


Housekeeping- Nighttime

This project is designed to help teach the basic of housekeeping, very similar to the Daily one except itís in the evening/overnight hours.


Bingo Caller

This is part of our regular programming. Our bingo is done on a computer BUT itís only a click of a mouse button, which make it SUPER easy to learn even if you have never used a computer or have a learning disability.


Bingo Helper

Supports the Bingo Caller but calling back numbers when a bingo is won at our regular sessions.


Outreach Helper

This new project is being designed and modelled to assist the Mobile Outreach Peer Support (MOPS) Team in keeping and achieving their directive.

Please see the MOPS Team information section and this is a MUST speak to the E.D. or the Team Lead.


Board of Directors

Is an Annual Commitment to help the Members and Staff of PSNE in accomplishing their projected goals and mission. Our Annual General Meeting is in February and the Board Applications are usually available in November, packages are available from the printable section in November.


Community Volunteer with PSNE as we help Community Events and Organizations/Agencies