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StreetHelp became more readily available 2 years ago when PSNE staff realized there were many individuals still looking for a place to belong and be safe. Peer Support on a walk-in became a trust factor and continuous to be through many journeys of Mental Health and/or Addictions. Some individuals in our community are not ready or have no taste for coming off the street, but they still want to belong, find just one person no matter what they can reach out too. We don’t know their past only what they share and most won’t speak of family. They think they are given up on or no one wants when most cases its life choices the family can’t live with anymore, some after years of trying.


StreetHelp is a program designed to provide the extra Peer Support individuals who are homeless or becoming homeless need. Our name for the program is graciously shared to us by Windsor StreetHelp who is model to assist individuals with Homelessness and Poverty. Together with some of their knowledge and a helper they had for a few years. With our community helper St. Thomas Domino’s Pizza  we have created a circle of trust for some individuals who want nothing to do with other services, workers or even a food bank.  Our newest helper in this circle is St. John’s Anglican Church who has graciously provided a Sunday brunch every other Sunday helping to close a gab in the Food Security area of the city.


Our 24 hour Drop-in service is staffed by an abundance of Volunteers and Staff trained in Peer Support, Mental Health First Aid (+Youth), ASSIST, Addictions Training (+Addictions Worker) etc. Individuals can access this service as needed or just stop by to have coffee and socialize. Our Programming is individual needs/wants such as music +the ability to bring in instruments, Mandela’s, Internet Access, and when needed emergency overnight shelter. We encourage people to utilize the local shelter or rooms and apartments, as available, from some very gracious building owners who believe as we do that everyone needs to be housed.


The clothing bank is available individuals especially during the rainy, snow times and food is supplied as needed via a local Metro Store to help with premade meals which can be accessed throughout the evenings. The City of St. Thomas provides a meal each day from various services/churchs.


This is our basic service outlined for individuals in need. If more information is needed please call the office and speak to Lori or Steve.

StreetHelp Pamphlet - UPDATING