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P.S.N.E.’s actually name is Psychiatric Survivors Network of Elgin.

The short form is currently used after realizing with the changes in not only the health care systems but also the advances people are making that the word “psychiatric” can be a scare word. Members and the Board of Directors chose four years ago to use this short form.

P.S.N.E. was originally a program with Canadian Mental Health Agency of St. Thomas. In the spring 1991 the Ministry of Health announced that $3.1 million of Anti-Recession Program funding was to be committed to a special project designed to tap the skills, knowledge and commitment of people with direct experience in the mental health services, a psychiatric survivor to provide Peer Support.

For 27 years (July 2018) we have been in our Community providing Peer Support in many forms for Mental Health and Addictions. Studies by Health Officials, like the Ministry of Health, LHINS and consultants say we are a viable and worthwhile service to our Communities and this awareness is increasing.

P.S.N.E. functions with Peer Support as it’s basis and provides a drop-in-setting enabling us to promote positive social interaction and provide a safe, friendly and confidential. We know we are a positive augmentation to traditional mental health and addictions services and facilitate education and awareness related to mental health and addictions issues and concerns. PSNE also acts as a liaison with the community in many ways including but not limited to: eliminate the public’s perception of psychiatric survivors as being burdens to society, unemployable through sensitization, education, and public awareness of mental illness and addictions.  We encourage other providers to become involved in individuals lives when their needs must be met by more than one service or their ability to help is greater than our Peer Support System. Some community involvement is through attendance of committees’, workshops and interacting to assist in the future of the Health Care system.

With the changes over the past decade, P.S.N.E. has evolved to expand its programs and access in many forms but always with the support of the Members, Public and Ministry of Health and then SWLHINS.

P.S.N.E. is owned and operated by everyone who is a Member.

Our Organization hierarchy of operation is maintained in this order:


Board of Directors

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