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 “People Helping People For The Cost Of A Smile”

Hours: Monday 4-8p; Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9-3p; Wednesday 9-2p

499 Talbot Street

St.Thomas, ON N5P 1C3

(519) 631-1580 or 1-888-631-1919

Fax: (519) 631-1567 or psne@mnsi.net or FB: PSNE



Other Info ->

What is Peer Support?

History of PSNE

PEERS Council Contact Sheet


PSNE’s MSAA Agreement with the SWLHINS – pdf


Membership Package (2 double sided long form cards) Card 1 & Card 2

There is one more form for people actively involved, please see staff.

Calendar 1 & Calendar 2 (info sheet on Calendar 1)

PSNE Pamphlet

MOPS Pamphlet

WarmLine Pamphlet

WarmLine Cards

WarmLine Poster

What is Peer Support?

WarmLine Caller Review Sheet

CanVoice CallOut Cards

VISION & MISSION --- P.S.N.E. is a SWLHINs Funded, registered non-profit, self-help, peer driven, community organization for the support of consumer survivors. We encourage independent living and self-advocacy whenever possible by offering education opportunities, linking with other agencies and providing peer support. We encourage ongoing learning by facilitating life skills and vocational interest designed to promote positive self-esteem and fulfillment. We encourage individualism while respecting each other opinions and privacy. Acceptance of individualism is an important facet in building trust and respect amongst our peers. P.S.N.E. envisions peers who are aware of each individual member’s creative talents and positive abilities and will utilize them to their maximum potential.  We see a healthier community through mental health awareness and education focused on the elimination of stigma.

See OUR SHARING PAGE for lots of Community THANKS and BRAGS to those we CAN HELP or WHO HAVE HELPED US!

PROGRAMMING: Please contact PSNE Office.

Daily Programs

including Skills, Training, Calendars


& Volunteering

Mobile Outreach Peer Support (MOPS) Team

Ontario Sharing

WarmLine ---Ontario Based Line

All day service

Free Training Available with our WarmLine Manual

P.S.N.E. Dart League Community Based @ the

FB: Canadian Legion Br. #41

Main: Canadian Legion


Membership Information

Members Package

Members Card, Etc.


Extending A Tummy (E.A.T)

in partnership with

St. Thomas Domino’s Pizza (FB Site)

MAIN: Domino’s Pizza


Youth Group

Monday Nights


ODSP Faxing & Information Sharing Service

for Elgin County to London office

(free service)


Food Bank Sharing

Need help? Or Want To Help?

Once a week service.


Clothing Bank Sharing

Need help? Or Want To Help?

Once a week service.


Computers with Internet Access

& Resume building software.

Help one-on-one as requested



For more information on the above programming please follow the links or call the office






Ontario. Consumer Survivor Initiatives

Joined Together

Chemical Addictions (CA) Group

of St Thomas, in partnership with

Destination Church

Contact is Jennifer Cooper

CANVOICE Call-Out WarmLine

519 area code only at this time

Or Please contact PSNE Office.

CMHA Elgin Branch

Supporting each other provide to Elgin County.

Or Please contact PSNE Office.


ODSP– London Office

Community Hours plus Information & Messages taken for Community

Or Please contact PSNE Office.


Ontario Works

Community Hours & any further assistance

Or Please contact PSNE Office.

Sports Spectacular

St. Anne’s Fair

Iron Horse Festival


Salvation Army Services

Community Hours & E.A.T. Program to Youth


Referral to services in Elgin County

& Beyond when needed

Please contact PSNE Office.

Volunteers, Transportation (as needed) and Equipment to assist with their events

Please contact PSNE Office.


High School Community Service Hours

for Diploma

Please contact PSNE Office.


Volunteer Elgin Committee

Volunteering and information sharing about Elgin County


St. Thomas General Hospital Mental Health Care


Mental Health Employment Support Program



OPDI of Ontario


Sharing & Participating in Peer Support Knowledge and Interaction

Or Please contact PSNE Office.


Destination Church – Street Level

Community Meals and special events

Or Please contact PSNE Office.


Trinity Church (also known as the Purple Steeple People)

Community Meals and as requested


Marj Robinson Bookkeeping Service

Shared service with Oxford Self Help & CanVoice & P.S.N.E. (plus many others)

Please contact PSNE Office.


South West LHINS office

Funded and supported by


Jackpot City

Fundraising for our Members Activities

Or Please contact PSNE Office.

 The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce Member


St. Leonard’s Society, London

Providing as needed an alternative place for social interaction

MyFm of St. Thomas, ON




For more information on the above services please follow the links. NOTE: sometimes the links will take you outside of the PSNE website.

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